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One Minute Exercise Campaign

One-minute Tongchun is a new brain education training method being employed at Body & Brain Centers across the world. One-minute Tongchun includes exercising for one minute every hour, every day. “All you have to do is stop what you’re doing for one minute. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do for that time,” says Marlene Stefanelli, owner of the New City location. “Whatever movement you make is OK.”

According to Felicia Somma, owner of the Stony Point location, “Modern-day people are too busy. We know that health is important and that we must exercise. However, we use the excuse that we have no time. Some of this is more that we place a higher priority on our jobs, commitments, and image than on our own known personal benefit.”

Stefanelli shares that Tongchun is the opportunity to connect with one’s self for one minute each hour. “This is the meaning of Tongchun. This is why your life will change if you repeat it 10 times a day, every day. With One Minute Tongchun exercises we continually reinforce self-awareness and presence through our day, every day.

Getting healthier naturally is a most direct benefit, but the total benefits are much greater. Invite other people to join the one minute action, and find out how one minute can change your life and the life of everyone.”

The app can be downloaded from either one of these two websites: or

Locations: 8 Liberty Square Mall, Stony Point. Call 270-9520 or visit and 170 North Main St., New City. Call 638-2100 or visit

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