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Nyack Dentist Welcomes Patients Like Family

Dr. Dwayne Bodie is devoted to comprehensive and preventive care, welcoming his patients as if they were family. “As a small, friendly dental office, we provide efficient, personal care and help you make informed decisions about your oral health and treatment options,” he explains.

Dr. Bodie established his practice in Nyack in 2008, where he is an active member of the community. “We are devoted to comprehensive and preventive care and helping you maintain a healthy, radiant smile. With regular exams and cleanings, you can avoid unnecessary and painful damage to your teeth,” says Dr. Bodie. “Alla, our hygienist, is a pro at getting people to floss.”

Dr. Bodie has special training in the use of Invisalign and veneers, applying his skill and knowledge to help patients transform their smiles. “Invisalign is ideal for patients with mild to moderate spacing or crowding,” he says. “The aligners are virtually undetectable, easy to use and comfortable to wear.”

“Even with proper care and maintenance, our teeth respond to daily habits. Coffee, wine, smoking and foods can stain our teeth, leaving them lackluster,” says Dr. Bodie. With that in mind, he offers a variety of treatments that can dramatically whiten teeth.

“We understand that the costs of treatments sometimes can be challenging to manage,” says Bodie. “To help, we’re pleased to participate in the CareCredit program, offering low- or nointerest financing for your dental needs.”

Location: 51 N. Broadway, Nyack. Free off-street parking available. For more information, call 358-5110 or visit

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