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Nutritional Boot Camp Starts April 1

“Are you ready to break free from yo-yo dieting and learn to eat correctly and healthfully,” asks Debbie Hauser, owner of Pure Symmetry Fitness. If so, you will want to be part of the upcoming six week nutritional boot camp where you are guaranteed to lose weight, feel better and take control of your eating. According to past participant Londa Mandile, “I was so full of energy, so happy and feeling great. I can’t believe it. Debbie was right. I am sticking to this nutritional weight loss boot camp. I am really learning so much about ounce size and cup size. I’m learning how to eat and becoming full. I have a whole new attitude.”

Hauser is passionate about this program because, “I feel that people are sent too many incorrect messages about how to lose weight and get healthy. I created this program myself as a way to educate regular people about the truth to healthy living and a proper diet. I supply them with tons of easy to understand information, so they are empowered and selfreliant.”

During the program, which meets twice a week, participants will be given a healthy and safe detox and grocery lists, menus and recipes. Food related issues also will be addressed.

Location: 99 Depot St., Pine Bush. For more information or to register, call 744-6769 or visit

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