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Non-surgical Treatment of Spinal Issues

As one of the few board certified chiropractic orthopedists in the area, Dr. Hargis, owner of Warwick Brain and Spine Therapy, offers a high degree of expertise in the treatment of spinal and orthopedic problems with drugless, non-surgical means. “Most physicians order MRI scans and spinal x-rays lying down,” says Dr. Hargis. “However, understanding how the spine is stressed and shifts under our body weight reveals the true nature of spinal pain if the spine is evaluated from an engineering standpoint.”

“Performing erect/weight bearing MRI scans and spinal x-rays is just one of the ways in which our office is different and the difference matters as most of our patients, even those with chronic pain, are significantly better within a few treatments,” explains Dr. Hargis.

Warwick Brain and Spine Therapy offers comprehensive clinical, x-ray and MRI evaluations during which, in one visit, patients will be fully informed as to the exact nature of their problem and an effective therapy plan will be formulated. “You can then start to receive treatment in our office or, if you live some distance from our office, nearer to your home,” says Dr. Hargis. “And once you’re better a tailored exercise plan, taking into account your unique spinal structure, will help to ensure you stay that way.”

In addition, Dr. Hargis provides regular chiropractic care as well as neurofeedback therapy. “Neurofeedback therapy can bring permanent improvement for many brain conditions,” adds Dr. Hargis.

Location: 40 Maple Ave., Warwick. For more information, call 986-5500 or visit

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