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New Yoga Classes Offered in New Windsor

Get Fit With JaM in New Windsor now offers yoga classes. The classes are facilitated by Kathleen S. McPhillips. One of her classes, Restorative Yoga, will begin at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, December 5th. According to McPhillips, “Restorative Yoga is very soft, relaxing and gentle enough for people with chronic illness, auto immune disorders and cancer.”

McPhillips explains that yoga is not just physical exercise. “Everything we learn on the yoga mat is meant to be taken into our lives,” she says. “As we open the body and the breath we are more open to receive these life teachings which help us rise to our highest capabilities in body, mind and spirit.” Class attendees will learn the physical poses (asanas), breath techniques (pranayama) and meditation. “All of this brings about inner peace, greater intuition, better focus and concentration, better health and well-being, and—best of all—a calm, clear mind,” shares McPhillips.

Kathleen S. McPhillips is a certified yoga teacher, Reiki master, spiritual advisor and the author of Adirondack Retreat: My Midlife Journey to Wholeness. She has been teaching private and public classes at all levels of yoga for nine years. She facilitates meditation, midlife, aging and spirituality workshops and retreats in the Hudson Valley and the Adirondack Region.

Location: 153 Temple Hill Rd., New Windsor. Contact Kathleen S. McPhillips at 914-213-4547 or by visiting For more information on Get Fit With JaM, visit

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