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New Year, New You! Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Dr. Lisa Heuer’s medically supervised weight management program offers a very unique approach to finally taking off the weight once and for all. It is a comprehensive medical approach that is not available with existing commercial weight loss programs. “Losing pounds should mean losing fat, but many people on traditional, restricted diets lose muscle, not fat,” says Dr. Heuer. “This ultimately causes the regaining of weight.” According to Dr. Heuer, approximately 95 percent of people who lose weight on a low calorie regimen gain the weight back within a year.

Dr. Heuer’s program is very flexible and can be adjusted, as necessary,

to promote more effective weight loss that maintains muscle mass while maximizing fat loss. “This program emphasizes weight maintenance, behavior modification, education, and long term follow-up,” she says.

Only a medical provider like Dr. Heuer can customize a plan based on a person’s unique metabolism, hormone levels, and existing medical conditions. In certain cases she utilizes novel medications to aid in successful weight management. “Most weight loss programs are ineffective at generating long-term, sustainable results,” says Dr. Heuer. “I am committed to helping you lose weight quickly and safely; but most importantly, I’m committed to helping you keep the weight off long-term.”

Location: 99 Main St., Ste. 221, Nyack. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Lisa Heuer at 914-714-8957 or or visit

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