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New Workshop on Creating a Life You Love to Be In

Core Energetics practitioner and life coach Diana Buonocore will be starting a six week workshop on connecting into deeper pleasure. It will help individuals identify and meet their real needs so that they can then enjoy more from life. As she shares, “so many people are unable to recognize what they really need and this keeps them from really experiencing and appreciating life. With this workshop, I will help participants get clear on their needs, determine their desires and what it is they really want and empower them to follow their intuition. You can feel more pleasure and joy in life.”

Buonocore has over 15 years’ experience helping individuals find their passions and enabling them to nurture their souls as well as their families. She uses core energetics in her practice which she explains is “a body-centered practice that connects energy and consciousness. The work of the individual in Core Energetics is to become aware of the resistance to living life fully and to be willing to release the energetic blocks.”

The workshop will meet every other week for two and a half hours beginning in mid-July.

Location: 2 Strawtown Rd., West Nyack. For more information, contact Diana Buonocore at 521-0030 or

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