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New Programs for Mamas

Jessica Hans-Smolin of Free Your Essence Coaching is pleased to announce some new programs to assist mothers on their journey. She is an RYT yoga teacher, licensed master social worker and transformational health and life coach.

In Find Your Spark: A Total Transformation for New and Repeat Mamas, Hans-Smolin will help you find yourself again. Uncover the things that have been stopping you from finding yourself. Become empowered to create a powerful version of yourself as this glorious, new-mama with her own needs.

In her Ignite Your Fire: The Total Energy Transformation for Mamas program, you can continue your journey of total transformation. “Here we will refine your vision for living the life you desire, as this empowered mama and set you up to boost your energy levels so you can feel a whole new level of strength, beauty and confidence and have the energy to create the lifestyle that aligns with your core values and desires,” she shares.

In The Gentle Total Reset: 14 Day Cleanse for Mamas, participants will remove toxins in their body using a hypo-allergenic/ elimination diet approach, where you are gifted with the joy of eating a variety of delicious nutrient-dense, good fat, high-fiber foods (helpful after birth) while eliminating foods that further trigger toxic symptoms. “This process will improve your mood, boost your concentration, reduce belly bloat and more. Get started today,” invites Hans-Smolin.

To schedule an appointment for coaching or group or private yoga sessions, or for more information, visit or contact 826-2785 or

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