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New Process Group: Deeply Supporting Women

A new women’s group using proven mind-body integration methods for personal development and happiness will begin January 13. The group, which will meet every other Tuesday, is facilitated by Diana Buonocore who has a Core Energetics practice in Rockland County and NYC.

“Core Energetics is a powerful approach that creatively uses movement, breath-work and mindfulness techniques to give people a felt sense of grounded authenticity,” Buonocore says. “This series is about women coming into an undeniable experience of their strength, joy and pleasure—their life force—in every area from relationships to sexuality.”

“There is something about female interactions that is very important for women,” she adds. “Unexpectedly positive things occur when women support each other. These groups become like a second family – empowering women to take steps to really be in their truth and to give and receive deep support to make desired changes in their lives.”

Buonocore’s groups have helped participants find their own voice, embrace their independence and heal issues and old hurts in their family relations. Participants often find the work so transformative that they continue for up to a year or more.

Buonocore has openings for private sessions (men, women, couples) and says it is her privilege to bring this lifetransformative work to her clients.

Diana Buonocore runs a Core Energetics practice in Nyack and NYC, applying a system of body-movement, breath-work and mindfulness practices to support clients in overcoming stress, anxiety, depression and family and relationship issues, and in reaching full-body states of happiness. Contact Diana at 521-0030 or or visit

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