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New Holistic Wellness Space in Piermont

Carolla Dost, founder of Riverview Wellness Center for Well-Being, is announcing the opening of Piermont’s newest holistic wellness space. An eclectic selection of treatments and services that support mind, body, and spirit are offered at her beautiful and relaxing center. Clients can learn more about the health and quality of their skin, receive massages, acupuncture, body treatments, scrubs, reflexology, reiki healing, makeup applications, health & nutritional coaching and sound therapy.

The Riverview Wellness Center for Well-Being offers a full range of skin care services using high performance products, high frequency, galvanic and ultrasonic technologies. The exclusive HydraFacialMD® by Edge Systems, as featured on CBS’s The Doctor’s Show and The Housewives of New Jersey, also is available. This unique treatment detoxifies, rejuvenates and protects your skin by infusing hydrating spa therapies with medical technology that immediately restores skin’s health without discomfort or invasive procedures. As a certified aesthetician, Dost’s goal is to thoroughly analyze, nourish, protect, and improve the quality of her client’s skin.

The Center offers a variety of workshops that will nurture holistic well-being, many of which will be held in the charming garden and other local venues. Workshops cover a range of topics such as back pain, colon health, and stress management. Primordial sound meditation and Tibetan singing bowl sound therapy that lead to deeper senses of awareness also are offered.

“My philosophy is to help people attain whole beauty, connecting mind, body and spirit. This Center is a place where people can achieve their best self. I invite you to schedule an appointment today.”

Location: 500 Piermont Ave., Piermont. Contact Carolla Dost at 347-744-9322 or

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