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Moments to Teach and Learn Made Possible by Hospice by Janice Valentino

When Lois and Michelle spend time together, they often sit at the computer looking out the window onto the lake and mountains. The colors of the water, blue sky, white clouds and green mountains create a scene that could easily be a piece of Lois’s own artwork that hangs on every wall of her home.

“When I decided to become a certified Hospice Volunteer last year, never did I expect to enter in to this amazing relationship” declared Michelle Krutchkoff.

Hospice patient Lois Lipper was diagnosed with ALS about four years ago. Never did she expect to be restricted in a body that was used to traveling and creating works of art. Fate brought these two ladies with artistic backgrounds together and they both continue to teach and learn from one another.

The medium they use is the computer. “We work on her vast library of photos taken from places Lois has traveled to”, explains Michelle. “She picks a photo out she wants to ‘tweak’ and I become an extension of her hands by working the mouse to lighten or darken the photo and sometimes even move areas within a picture to create a new piece of art. She has become my teacher as I have never done this before and it has opened my eyes to photography and the works of art Lois creates.”

Michelle visits with Lois every Friday and Monday for a couple hours each day and helps her with everyday chores such as checking and responding to emails, answering and making phone calls and looking things up she needs to order on Amazon or getting new books for Lois’s kindle. “Lois and I have great discussions and learn much from each other, but as time goes by, the debilitating effects of this disease take a little bit more of a toll on her” admits Michelle.

The specialized care that hospice provides for Lois through her entire care team allows her to enjoy her life as she is able to live it today. The relationship between these soul mates will continue, allowing for many more moments of life to be shared.

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