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Massage Therapy and a Woman’s Health by Jen Servidio

When it comes to a woman’s health, massage therapy is not just for relaxation. It also can be for overall wellbeing. So, what does it mean to be well? For many women, that answer may be eating a healthy diet. For others, it is making enough time to exercise daily or getting a good’s nights rest. For some, the answer is receiving regular massage sessions that focus on reducing stress and aiding in overall health and wellness.

Massage for Back Pain Relief

In a 2008 review of 13 clinical trials, it was found that massage therapy can be helpful in treating lower back pain, which is a common complaint among women. Many cases of lower back pain are a result of repetitive motion. For example, frequently sitting for long periods or lifting objects without using ones knees properly can contribute to lower back pain. Regular massage sessions can help relax the strained muscles of the lower back, gluteals, lower legs and deep hip flexors, resulting in less discomfort.

Back pain can be particularly notable during pregnancy. Weekly prenatal massage sessions can provide relief from the stress as the body changes and the baby grows bigger. Towards the end of pregnancy, the pressure on the mother’s lower back can be quite intense. Massage can help the mother find relief from lower back pain as well as reduce stress and anxiety that may accompany the pregnancy. Postnatal massage is equally important for the well-being of the mother. Massage can help with common post-natal challenges such as anxiety, depression, increased heart rate, high blood pressure and lack of sleep. By receiving regular postnatal massage sessions, the mother is allowing her body to relax which in turn contributes to her overall sense of wellbeing.

Massage for Stress Relief

Stress is a major factor in any woman’s life. No matter the cause, its effects are the same. Just one massage therapy session has been shown to reduce “state anxiety”, a reaction to a particular situation, by reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Infrequent sessions are helpful in the moment the stress is occurring and can help with the acute symptoms the client is feeling at the time. Weekly massage therapy sessions have been shown to reduce “trait anxiety”, a general anxiety because they can focus more on treating the chronic symptoms of stress that many carry with them on a daily basis.

To get the most benefits one can from massage, incorporate it into your life regularly. By allowing yourself to take time once a week, once every other week or once a month to relax and unwind in a safe, secure and professional environment with unconditional focus, you will reduce your stress symptoms, feel a greater sense of calm and improve your general wellness.

Jen Servidio is the owner of Feel Better Bodyworks, located at 217 Rt. 303 S in Valley Cottage. For more information, contact 721-9643 or feelbetterbody@ or visit FeelBetterBodyworks. biz.

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