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Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Independent health coach, Deb Holton-Smith RN BSN CHC is helping New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and U.S. residents lose weight while also achieving optimal health. Holton-Smith has lost over 47 pounds herself with Take Shape For Life, fueled by Medifast. “Take Shape For Life is a healthy weightloss program featuring portion controlled meal replacements,” explains Holton-Smith. "Medifast products and this program have been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980".

As a Take Shape For Life Health Coach, Holton-Smith mentors each of her clients with compassion and professionalism— providing the caring, informed support needed most. Along with Medifast Meal replacements, she offers long-term solutions to weight management challenges. “I support my clients with initial weight loss and teach them healthy habits, showing how to keep the weight off with our Take Shape For Life’s BeSLIM lifestyle,” she says. “Studies show that peer support in combination with weight-loss strategies significantly improves the chances for achieving and sustaining weight loss results by 85 percent.”

The Medifast 5 + 1 Plan is simply eating five Medifast Meals and one Lean & Green meal every day. “No counting calories, carbohydrates or points and no cooking complicated meals,” says Holton-Smith. "We offer over 70 nutritionally balanced Medifast Meals including protein bars, drinks, oatmeal, ziti marinara, soups, pudding, pancakes and more".

Learn from Deb Holton-Smith who has successfully lost weight and kept it off by using the program herself. Results on the program typically are 2-5 pounds weight loss per week for the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. "I offer ongoing, FREE one-on-one planning with inspiring motivation. We have fun together while dancing on the scale and celebrating your weekly successes. Better- Together is my motto,” Deb adds.

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