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Local Massage Therapist Working With Tender Touch For All

Jen Servidio, a nationally certified licensed massage therapist and Reiki master, recently began working with a non-profit group called Tender Touch For All, which specializes in working with nursing homes and senior facilities. Servidio believes that this organization provides a positive experience for everyone involved.

Servidio shares, “After helping to care for my ailing grandmother recently, I was made aware of how important therapeutic touch can be for people of any age, but especially the aging population. As we grow older, we are touched less and less for a variety of reasons. I am grateful to know that the few foot massages I was able to give her in her last weeks helped alleviate some of the swelling in her feet and lower legs and provided some relief so she could rest.”

Because of this experience, Servidio now is collaborating with Tender Touch For All, providing massage therapy to dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. “I truly believe that all touch can be beneficial with the proper intent,” she says. “When I touch someone to begin their massage session, I am thankful to them for trusting me to give them a massage and my intention is always to bring relief and relaxation.”

Servidio is the owner of Feel Better Bodyworks and specializes in therapeutic massage.

Location: Feel Better Bodyworks, 217 Rt. 303 S, Valley Cottage. To schedule an appointment or for a free consultation, call 721-9643 or email For more information, visit

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