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Local Health Coach Spotlight: Randi Colton, founder of Fitchick Fitness

“When was the last time you slowed down and took stock of your health goals?” asks Randi Colton, founder of Fitchick Fitness. Colton, a certified health coach, creates a supportive environment that enables her clients to achieve their health goals by using the 7 step coaching model in conjunction with the “Health and Wellness Wheel”. Afterwards, a customized plan is drafted for each client’s individual needs.

A positive approach is key. Instead of focusing on calories and grams of fat, the approach is to help clients create a happy and healthy lifestyle in a way that is flexible and works with daily life.

Fitchick Fitness programs can help identify goals and create the steps needed to reach those goals. “I work with my clients to keep them motivated and able to self-manage their goals,” shares Colton. She offers her clients regular health-related messages, tips, tools and progress updates.

“My main goals with Fitchick Fitness are to empower, educate, motivate and support my clients in meeting their goals through a positive attitude and in a relaxed atmosphere. It's all about the baby steps that will make it happen.”

As an experienced health and wellness professional, Colton views health coaching and personal training as a two-way, interactive process. She takes the time to teach her clients how to think through their daily lifestyle decisions on their own.

The end result? Her clients come away not only fit and healthy, but equipped with the knowledge they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In just one session, Fitchick Fitness clients can learn one big lesson—effective communication is of utmost importance.

The style of Fitchick Fitness isn’t to bombard clients with a monotonous list of do’s and don’ts. Instead, using a cooperative coaching model, modifying daily habits and thoughtfully considering diet and exercise choices are highlighted. By changing a client's attitude from confused and frustrated to encouraged and enlightened, Colton helps them to establish a new level of comfort with health and nutrition. “All people have the ability to discover the root cause of problems they face,” she says. “They just need some guidance and gentle coaching to put those forces to work.” For Colton, those forces lead her clients to develop an instinctual sense of accountability when it comes to their lifestyle choices.

To achieve this, Fitchick Fitness provides nutritional consulting and personalized programs that answer the most complicated health and wellness questions. In addition to teaching nutritional basics and portion control, she completely revamps the way her clients think about and understand food, by giving supermarket tours. According to Colton, eating well is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and she equips her clients by educating and preparing them for the years ahead.

“My mission is to assist people in their pursuit of health and fitness,” Colton says. And with her attentive and dedicated attitude, it’s certain that she does.

Prior to her career in the health and fitness industry, Colton spent five years working for BBDO Advertising in New York City. Outside of fitness, Colton and her husband Brian live in Sloatsburg along with their sons Jacob and Samuel and their dachshund Chappy. Her other interests include karate, photography and collecting penguin artifacts.

To learn more and to receive a complimentary health coaching demonstration, visit or contact 914-584-1253.

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