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Local Author and Therapist Publishes New Book

Local author, clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor Rachel Astarte Piccione has released a new book, Celebrating Solitude. Piccione maintains that developing a regular solitude practice will help us "recharge our batteries" so that we can give even more to our loved ones as well as ourselves.

"Many of my clients have so many obligations that they spread themselves too thin and live under a tremendous amount of stress," says Piccione who is trained in a number of healing modalities including shamanism, creative writing and aromatherapy. "Still, they fear that taking time for themselves is somehow selfish. Nothing can be further from the truth. When we take even a few minutes a day to discover and honor our true selves, we develop an endless resource for giving to all around us. It's when we don't take time to regroup that we end up burned out and still trying to give when there's nothing left."

Celebrating Solitude helps readers understand why solitary time is important, how to carve out time for ourselves and even offers suggestions for what we can do during our solitary practice that will help us develop what Piccione calls our Holy Self—the highest self we can be.

Celebrating Solitude is available in eBook, paperback and audiobook formats at online bookstores.

Rachel Astarte Piccione’s mind-body wellness practice, Healing Arts New York, has offices in New York City and Nyack. Visit or email rap@healingartsnewyork. com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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