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Living Path Yoga Studies and Teacher Training

Immerse yourself in the transformational benefits of the yogic path by being a part of the upcoming Living Path Yoga Studies and Teacher Trainings at Shanti Mandir Ashram in Walden. Experience the deep traditions and practices to find their direct living application and relevance and develop appreciation of the subtlety of the body, the mind and consciousness.

Along with a daily Hatha Yoga practice, participants will explore the studies of Ayurveda, meditation, mantra, pranayama, deep relaxation, yoga philosophy and psychology, foundational texts, physical and subtle anatomy and methods of self-inquiry and reflection. Discussions and exercises allow participants to move out of the theoretical into direct experience of yoga in action. These courses inspire opening to a genuine form of ongoing guidance and knowing that will serve a lifetime. Students emerge at completion with the resources to design a full and vibrant yoga practice (sadhana).

The Teacher Trainings run over 12 months. The first phase in 2013 begins the process of training and the second phase of skill development and assessment is delivered over 2 weeks in the summer of 2014. Living Path Yoga Studies and Teacher Training Level 1 begins July 29 through August 16 and Level 2 begins August 19 through August 30.

This is an opportunity to be completely absorbed in the learning and offer yourself a life enhancing experience.

For an information pack or to learn more email shanti@

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