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Learn Muscle Testing

Fran Sussman of Sussman Holistic Services, Inc. will teach a muscle testing class that will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. over two Saturdays, April 6 and 13.

Class participants will learn how to do simple muscle testing on themselves and others. Sussman will also do some individual work with each participant, and discuss the process of using muscle testing in a healing context. "I have been using muscle testing professionally and personally for twenty-five years,” says Sussman, “and can't imagine life without it.”

Sussman, a holistic health practitioner based in Orange County since 1993, has successfully taught many people how to use muscle testing. “We will go step by step, so that you can learn correctly, and confidently apply what you learn," she says.

Class size is limited to a small group to allow plenty of time for individual attention.

Cost: $250 for both days. Email Fran at to register. For more information, call 496-0385 or visit

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