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Keeping a Positive Mindset through Massage by Jen Servidio

"I choose to be happy because it's good for my health" ~author unknown

Happiness is a choice. So many of us seek out happiness from a source outside ourselves such as another person, a career or a hobby. Fortunately, there are active steps individuals can take that make the choice to be happy easier and more accessible.

When our bodies are in good health, our outlook is positive. Exercise and good nutrition are great ways to keep our bodies in good health. When we feed our bodies the proper foods as well as exercise on a regular basis, we create the foundation for our bodies to perform in an optimal manner. However, like machines that need maintenance and repair at times, so do our bodies. Regular massage sessions can be part of that maintenance.

Massage Improves Mood

During a massage endorphins are released into the body. These brain chemicals, or neurotransmitters, transmit electrical signals within the nervous system that decrease feelings of pain and increase feelings of euphoria, resulting in an overall feeling of wellbeing. Typically, the effects of massage will last 24-36 hours and in some cases as long as 72 hours.

Regular weekly massage can increase the long lasting effects of massage thus increasing the overall sense of well-being which positively impacts our brain and nervous system. This helps us to deal with excess stress and allows us to continue to choose to stay positive despite the challenges that may arise on a daily basis. Regular massage also will positively impact our circulatory system and has been known to decrease high blood pressure as well as improve circulation. Massage also assists the muscles in detoxification of lactic acid that builds up as well as improve range of motion in both muscles and joints. Finally, regular massage allows the body and mind to rest for the length of the session, allowing us to find that quiet, restful place between consciousness and sleep.

Stress, bad days and surprise challenges are all a part of life. How we choose to view them is up us. By making a conscious decision to be positive, we are allowing ourselves to acknowledge the obstacles at hand, but not allow the obstacles to affect our mindset. When our bodies are in good health, it is easier to stay positive and be happy.

Licensed massage therapist Jen Servidio is the owner of Feel Better Bodyworks, located at 217 Rt. 303 in Valley Cottage. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact 721-9643 or visit

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