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Intuitive Body Reading Getting to the Core of Emotional and Physical Issues by Rosemary Serluca Foster

Emotional stagnation. Chronic back pain. Recurring miscarriages. Cancer. These are just a few of the myriad concerns clients bring to an intuitive body reading session with the intention of diving way below the surface of their issues.

Physical and emotional symptoms often are indicative of deeper, unresolved experiences that get buried in the body and psyche. Quick corporal fixes or constant verbal processing may seem to work at first, but ultimately, the constrictive cycle of pain refuels at the slightest emotional trigger because the imbalance that exists at the energetic core was never explored. Intuitive body readings coupled with energy balancing help get to the root of physical, emotional, spiritual and karmic issues so an authentic healing shift can ensue.

The Movie of Your Life

Your body is like a movie with each cell, organ and system carrying imprinted ‘scenes’ from this life and previous ones. Even the slightest event that your mind interprets as a wound can root itself and cause pain and disease on multiple levels. By the time it manifests physically, it has been gestating for a while. Most of us cannot release these rooted scenes by ourselves but instead need compassionate assistance, such as with intuitive body readings in tandem with energy balancing. The information revealed during sessions puts you in direct contact with your own healing radar.

How It Works

Prior to a session, only basic information is shared with the reader so as to  not interfere with the intuitive stream. As you relax on a healing table, the intuitive reader scans your body and gently places her hands on specific areas that are calling for attention, which may not be the areas you think are causing the problem. In remote sessions, this is accomplished by energetic focus and is just as effective. Images, phrases, scents, and bodily sensations directly related to energy blocks, physical ailments and emotional upsets come through. Sometimes loved ones who have crossed over may present with guidance. During this interactive and dynamic session, the intuitive body reader provides information, which in turn sparks an open dialogue with your intuitive guidance, causing an energetic healing resonance to occur.

Depression, irritable bowel syndrome or dealing with divorce may be what prompts someone to participate in a session, but what the reader channels may be something completely unexpected that later connects back to those issues—like imagery of a child playing in a yard with a golden retriever that is confirmed by the client as being her childhood pet. A man comes out of a house, whispers to the child and she hides her head in her dog’s fur. This ‘scene’ imprinted in her body and now serves as a portal during the session to take her back to when she was five years old and her mother crossed over without saying goodbye. The buried angst lodged itself and even though her conscious mind thought she grieved this tragic loss long ago, its vivid and timely appearance in session demonstrates the depth of its energetic grip, which impacted every aspect of her life: the negative interaction with her boss, the broken communication with her spouse, her inability to feel physically well. Bringing light and awareness to a subterraneous shadow at this deep, energetic level creates a synchronistic shift towards inner wholeness and well-being.

You are Your Own Healer

Physician and philosopher Albert Schweitzer said, “Within every patient there resides a doctor, and we, as physicians are at our best when we put our patients in touch with the doctor inside themselves.” The job of the intuitive body reader is similar—scan the body and energy field for blocks and portals that lead to root causes, channel information directly related to those causes and spark the client’s own intuitive healing wisdom through energetic healing resonance. In this revelatory system, clients take charge of their healing process by transforming wounds on every level into powerful healing agents that ultimately lead to authenticity and self-acceptance.

Rosemary Serluca Foster is an intuitive body reader, certified energy healing facilitator, medical astrologer, ordained interfaith minister, and writer with a private healing practice in Nyack and New York City. In-person and remote sessions available. For more information, contact 212-989-2033 or or visit

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