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Hungry Hollow Co-op Celebrates 40 Years

Hungry Hollow Co-op is celebrating 40 years of bringing local, organic and biodynamic food to the community. The Co-op began as a buying club in late 1973. By 1974, 40 families had joined and were ordering food for a monthly pick-up at a member’s home. Soon the operation was moved to a nearby garage due to increased volume. This was followed by another leap in membership and another move to another garage.

The lively social atmosphere that grew in that garage on packing and pick-up days was infectious and continues to draw shoppers to Hungry Hollow Co-op all these years later. In that last space, the co-op gradually added inventory, shelves and hours, shifting from a place where members picked up their orders to a place where they came to shop. Ultimately, growth and demand led to the next move. On February 9, 1993, Hungry Hollow Co-op made its debut at its current location on the corner of Hungry Hollow and Chestnut Ridge Roads. Since the 1970s, food co-ops have driven the thriving organic and local food movement in existence today. Hungry Hollow Co-op’s continual growth is testament to its commitment and dedication to providing real, good food to the community.

Location: 841 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge. For more information, call 356-3319 or visit

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