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How Acupuncture Can Help During Pregnancy and Delivery by Dr. Lauren Dulberg

Chinese Medicine has much to offer both mother and baby during pregnancy. Regular check-ins and treatments can play an integral role in a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

The first trimester is considered a time where the fetus is in a delicate place, so we offer therapeutic guidance to nurture and support this incredible new life. As the fetus grows and becomes stronger, minor discomforts of pregnancy often can be effectively treated with acupuncture, herbs and dietary recommendations. In preparation for birth itself, acupuncture can be assist the body to move energy downward in the body, which is needed for birth.

Acupuncture can help with preventing miscarriage, placenta previa, morning sickness, acid reflux, insomnia, slow fetus growth, pre and post-partum depression, inducing labor and more.

Labor and Delivery

Acupuncture can greatly increase a woman’s chances of giving birth naturally, help with labor and delivery and assist with delivery on time. Acupuncture uses a technique called cervical ripening which usually begins around week 36 to begin balancing the body’s energy. This technique is just as effective for VBAC and women who have previously had natural labor. Your body recognizes the energetics of the points which starts to slowly and gently dilate the cervix. This technique also can help induce a baby who is overdue. It often results in patients going into labor that day or within two days. Acupuncture also can turn breech babies and works 80% of the time.

Other reported positive effects of acupuncture helping with labor and delivery include shorter delivery time, less interventions, less perinatal tearing and better recovery.

Dr. Lauren Dulberg is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, licensed acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specializing in women’s health, fertility, family medicine and emotional well-being, her mission is to help bring utmost health and wellness to her patients, empower women to have the births they desire and help those who wish to make a family fulfill their dreams. She owns Two Rivers Acupuncture & Wellness, located at 42 Main St., Suite 202 in Nyack and maintains a practice at the YinOva Center in Manhattan. She can be reached at 418-0492 or by visiting

My Own Story

Acupuncture and moxibustion turned my son who was breech, which helped me have natural labor and avoid a c-section. Regular acupuncture helped my body start dilating when I was 39 weeks so by the time I was 40 weeks I was 80% effaced and 6 cm dilated. My cervix was so soft and dilated from frequent acupuncture treatments that I was able to give birth to both my 9 pound and later my 11 pound baby without even a micro tear.

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