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Holistic Health Care in Monroe

Dr. Scott Moss has performed state-ofthe- art holistic health care for over 25 years. In his practice, he utilizes traditional chiropractic care along with more alternative systems of wellness, including diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, kinesiology, biomechanics, orthotics, gentle and traditional adjustments, traction for herniated discs, massage, acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy and reflexology.

“Our body is quite miraculous in its ability to stay healthy and balanced considering the stressors it must face including physical stress, chemical stress from poor eating, toxins in our environment, emotional, psychological and spiritual stress, not to mention electromagnetic stress from the world of electrical devices,” says Dr. Moss.

In addition, he offers chiropractic kinesiology, which utilizes muscle testing as a tool in identifying which area or system is being stressed. “When muscles are not functioning properly, they give wrong signals to other parts of the body,” he says. “This breakdown in communication can lead to bodily discomforts and ultimate disease.”

He also offers Bio Cranial Therapy, a cranio-sacral system which improves the function of the spine, nervous system and whole body by correcting distortions in the cranium.

Another area of focus is energy and mind/body healing utilizing ancient healing systems of touch, visualizations, hypnosis and relaxation to bring a state of deep peacefulness and often an experience of inner well-being.

Location: 3 Snoop St. (off 17M), Monroe. For more information, call 782-0772 or visit

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