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Holistic Counselor Offers Simple Technique for True Healing

“We are all born with an innate ability and desire to love and be loved. We know our love is genuine when we are connected to our truer selves. It manifests as sincere caring, giving, forgiveness, grief etc…”

Licensed mental health counselor Ronnie Figueroa has found that as we practice awareness, presence and positive intention, other aspects of life can work themselves out without too much interference from our selfish ego.

“We all need an ego to survive. It helps us to be a conscious, thinking person and use the tools that are available to survive. It is the selfish ego that can manipulate us to look outside of ourselves instead of finding our truths from within. The selfish ego tells us we are right and they are wrong. These unconsciously motivated actions can become our conditioned realities that we follow to protect ourselves, ultimately hiding what we truly feel inside."

“True healing involves consistent work and I help my clients achieve this with a simple technique that works better and more quickly than the hundreds I have tried over the years,” explains Ronnie Figueroa. "That work becomes a work of joy, dedication and love, as we consistently bring ourselves back to this place of spacious awareness."

My clients are showing positive and dramatic results/acts of synchronicity and miracles as they consistently use these tools to bring them back to this state of true self. Call today to start your journey of true healing.

Location: Kingston or online/phone counseling. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact 949-205-8357 or visit

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