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Helping You Become a Better You

For more than twenty years, Jeffrey Grunstein has been helping clients gain knowledge and insight and create a positive difference in their lives. He is a master certified life coach, a practitioner in health kinesiology (HK) and a professional mediator. As he explains, “As a life coach, I help people deal with life issues related to relationships, financial planning, career situations, time management and communication issues so that they can attain their life goals as well as cope with their current situation.” He specializes in helping individuals improve relationships such as parent/child, marital, dating, intra-office etc… He also works with at-risk teens.

As a practitioner in bio-energetic kinesiology, Grunstein can incorporate these non-intrusive techniques to help his clients work through issues, whether they are life-long or recent ones. He can help you get in sync with yourself and the world around you.

Bringing his talents as a skilled professional mediator, when he works with clients he can help them resolve issues such as divorce, divorce settlements, custody issues and monetary disputes more easily, saving time and money and reducing frustration.

Grunstein is a frequent guest speaker known for his engaging seminars. Additionally, he teaches classes for those interested in becoming certified coaches or who just wish to become a better you. “These classes are a great way to learn the art of communication and self-development,” he shares.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Jeffrey Grunstein at or 548-7395 or visit

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