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Health Tips for Women by Dr. Barbara Gordon-Cohen

September 26 is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. To recognize the women in our lives, here are some health tips.

• Exercise regularly four to five days aweek for a minimum of thirty minutes.Be sure to pick an exerciseactivity that you enjoy.
• Try to go to sleep no later than 11 pmon a regular basis and get eight hoursof sleep.
• Eat lots of local or organic fruits andvegetables. Also include some plantprotein and fat such as avocado,hummus, tehina, coconut butter andnut butters.
• Eat wild fish two or three times aweek and the white of chicken orturkey if you are not a vegetarian.
• Breathe slowly using your abdominaldiaphragm in inhalation so thatthe belly gets full and exhale fully torelax the nervous system. Other waysto relax the nervous system are totake a Tai chi class, chi gong class orgentle yoga class or to meditate for30 minutes.
• Take a multivitamin and omega-3fatty acids daily. Make sure there areno additives, fillers or artificial ingredientsin the vitamins.
• Make sure to have a bone densityscan over the age of 50. If osteoporosisruns in the family, take 500mg of calcium two to three times aday along with vitamin D3. VitaminD levels should be checked with ablood test to determine proper dosage.Vitamin D3 benefits individualswith depression, cancer and osteoporosis.
• Clinical breast exams should be doneevery three years from beginning atage 20 and yearly after the age of 40.Mammography should begin by age40. Thermography also is anothergood option.
• Pap smears should be done every oneto three years from age 21 throughmenopause and continue after menopauseif sexually active with morethan one partner.
• A colonoscopy should be done everyten years beginning at the age of 50.If colon cancer runs in the familythen it should be done every twoyears beginning at 50 with a baselinecompleted at age 40.
• Get in touch with your feelings inyour heart by imagining white light orthe universe healing any pain a 1000times over. Become the true self thatexists in all of us.
• Try to find work thatis enjoyable or atleast neutral.
• Spend quality timewith family.
• Take up a hobby,whether it is exercise,art, dance oracting and enjoy.
• Live, laugh andlove!

Barbara Gordon- Cohen, D.O. is board certified in family medicine and neuromuscular medicine. Her office is on 4 Boar Court in Suffern. She can be reached by calling 354- 4507 or visiting

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