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Healing Arts New York Announces Ceremony Creation Services

“Are you at a point of change in your life?” asks wellness practitioner, author and educator Rachel Astarte Piccione. “Honor this change through the power of ceremony.” According to Piccione, sacred ceremony is an ancient practice that creates a bridge between the divine and our ordinary lives. “By creating and partaking in sacred ceremony, we center ourselves while also connecting deeply with the wonder and majesty of the eternal,” she says. “It is a way to bring Spirit into those events we hold dearest to us.”

Ceremonies can be created for healing of an illness or spiritual trauma; to celebrate a new job, to bless/clear a new home; or to honor a transition like coming of age, divorce or loss of a loved one.

Piccione teaches the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts course, “Ceremonies & Sacred Space,” during which students are guided to create their own sacred ceremony. Your ceremonies can be performed as private sessions or along with loved ones. Individuals and groups of all sizes welcome.

Rachel Astarte Piccione is an ordained clergy-member and shamanic practitioner. She has led rituals and sacred ceremonies for individuals, businesses and communities for over ten years. For your free consultation, contact 888-807-6466 or Visit

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