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Have Younger Looking Skin with Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture Spa, which just opened in Nanuet this past May, promotes health and cosmetic procedures in natural ways. “Traditional Chinese medicine has been proven for pain treatment for thousands of years,” says owner and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, D.J Kim. If you have been experiencing fatigue or chronic pain, Kim can help by applying his knowledge of herbs and acupuncture therapy in a professional and relaxing setting.

Kim also focuses on cosmetic aspects of natural healing. He can make his clients vibrant looking with his handon skills. “Acupuncture and special Chinese herbs help increase collagen level of your skin layers. If you do not manage your complexion, the aging and gravity will force your skin to sag,” explains Kim. “Your wrinkles will be deeper, your face will look puffy and you’ll look older.” Kim helps to slow down the aging process and will even repair your look as you go along with his natural healing procedures. “The procedures will slowly blend your wrinkles,” he says, “and it is not as painful as other peeling procedures or laser.” The procedure takes anywhere between one to two hours.

Facial Acupuncture Spa is offering a 50 percent discount on all services until the end of September. The clinic also accepts most health insurance plans for pain management.

Location: 295 Rte. 304, Nanuet. For more information, call 519-5049 or visit

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