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Gluten-Free and Nutrition Counseling in Rockland

Jenn Lowenfish, owner of It’s Personal Nutrition, is a certified holistic nutrition consultant and certified gluten practitioner in Rockland County. She believes that in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and body image, a personalized approach that looks beyond calories, carbs, proteins and fats should be taken. This can include customized nutrition design, body fat testing, determination of resting metabolic rates, discussions of relevant health topics, recipes with nutritional information, elimination diets and cleanses as well as in-home cooking sessions, kitchen and pantry make-overs.

“Good nutrition is the foundation for wellness. People need to feel good and in control of their bodies in a positive way leading to an overall feeling of well-being. I provide individualized and tailored nutritional counseling to help you develop a positive relationship with food and learn how to live without feeling deprived and to figure out what works best for your lifestyle,” she shares.

Gluten sensitivity and related disorders have become a specialty for Lowenfish. After dealing with personal and family gluten related issues, she decided to become certified as a gluten practitioner in the hopes of helping others deal with gluten-free nutrition. Cooking and shopping gluten-free can be daunting so she works with individuals and families that want to make this transition as seamless and healthful as possible.

Consulting services are offered as one-on -one or group sessions via office visits, home visits, Skype and phone.

Location: Body Bank Fitness, 16 Squadron Blvd., New City. For more information, contact or 917-549-9125 or visit

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