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Get Ready for Summer with Curves Complete®

If you are ready to meet your weight loss goals, the Curves Complete® program can help you do just that. At Curves of New City, a fitness facility geared towards women, they understand that most people who are serious about losing weight know that they won’t get the results they want by just dieting. They also need exercise and encouragement to stick to the plan. This was the thinking behind Curves Complete which offers a scientifically tested three-step plan that includes exercise, a meal plan and coaching.

Barbara Weinberg, co-owner of Curves of New City, explains, “when you start the program, you complete a brief online survey that asks questions such as the one food you cannot live without, so that we can then help you put together a customized program that will work for you. What makes the program even better is that the cost is comparable to what other programs charge for diet alone and we provide a cardiovascular and strength training workout plus individualized coaching. ” Barbara and her husband and co-owner Richard Weinberg, as well as their staff, have been trained to help you set weekly goals.

The New City Curves is part of the Healthways Silver Sneakers Fitness program so members of participating health plans may be eligible for free or discounted memberships to Curves. Find out today if you qualify.

Location: 69 South Main St., New City. For more information, call 708-0700 or visit

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