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Get Healthy with What’s Cooking

Donna Douglass and her company, What’s Cooking, currently are offering several exciting programs. What’s Cooking, which formed in 2000, is located in Orange County and serves all of the Hudson Valley including Manhattan. “What’s Cooking is a personal chef service that helps busy people who are time challenged and need special diets,” says Douglass.

In 2009, Douglass became a certified health coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. “After my personal experience overcoming hypertension, I decided to help others who were struggling with cardiovascular issues and teach them that diet and exercise can really reverse cardiovascular issues,” she explains.

In addition, Douglass now offers her signature health coaching program, “What’s Cooking for your Heart” where participants can learn how to prepare simple and delicious heart-healthy meals without spending all day in the kitchen. She also offers wellness classes that cover topics such as time management in the kitchen and cooking with greens.

Douglass is excited to also offer culinary and wellness retreats. “We’ll visit Tuscany this October to learn about Tuscan cuisine, wine, history and art,” she says. Future events will be hosted locally, as well as in Arizona and New Mexico. Several products are available for purchase on the website, including a link to the Vitamix 5200 high powered blenders. “I will include free training classes with each purchase from Vitamix,” adds Douglass.

For more information, visit or call 548-6520.

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