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Get Happy and Lose Weight

“Remember when you were a kid and you played outside all day?” asks Pauline Henriques, owner of Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness Studio in Blauvelt. “That was happiness, and food had no part of it.”

According to Henriques, becoming a responsible adult somehow meant a departure from that type of happiness for many individuals. “Working, parenting and paying the bills replaced carefree play.

The new adult version of happiness meant going to dinner, and having a snack in peace once the kids went to bed. Happiness became about food, until I found a new way to be happy.”

Henriques believes it is time for people to realize that losing weight can be easy and it’s not just about diet and exercise. “When you have something that feeds your soul,” she explains, “you require less food.”
Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness Studio offers classes seven days a week and, Henriques affirms, every class is a party. “Get busy doing what makes you happy and watch the extra weight fall off,” she adds. She also offers health coaching in addition to their many classes.
Location: Westshore Plaza, 580 Rt. 303, Blauvelt. For more information, contact Pauline Henriques at 848-2211 or 201-637-2047 or
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