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Fun and Friendly Fitness Studio

“I need to lose weight, but I hate the gym!” Pauline Henriques, a certified holistic health coach and owner of Z-Lifestyle Dance Fitness Studio, knows the feeling. “When I used to go to the gym, the person at the entrance would hardly give me a second glance. I knew it didn’t matter if I showed up, so sometimes I didn’t. My health goals suffered,” says Henriques. “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. And we are genuinely happy to see our students when they come to class.”

The studio has been at Westshore Plaza in Blauvelt for three years, but some of Henriques’ students have been taking classes with her much longer. “We form connections at Z-Lifestyle. Fitness is personal,” she explains. “I’ve seen students lose hundreds of pounds, get off blood pressure medications and change their lives. I want people to get fit and have fun doing it.”

To accomplish those goals, Z-Lifestyle offers Zumba Fitness, Sentao and Toning, R.I.P.P.E.D. and hip hop classes. A ballet bar class also is in the works. In addition, health coaching with Henriques gives people an opportunity to explore how lifestyle affects health and make positive steps to change. Personal training can challenge students physically and help them take fitness to new heights. “All of these benefits come with the Z-Lifestyle bonus—a caring community that makes fitness fun,” adds Henriques.

Location: Westshore Plaza, 580 Rt. 303, Blauvelt. For more information, contact Pauline Henriques at 848-2211 or 201-637-2047 or

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