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Free Webinar for Visionary Introverts

Rachel Astarte Piccione, wellness practitioner, educator and author of Celebrating Solitude, will be offering a free webinar for visionary introverts at noon on Tuesday, December 3.

Designed to help introverts share their unique gifts with the world without sacrificing their authentic selves, this webinar will share three essential tools for living life on their terms.

“I’m a life-long introvert,” says Piccione. “I know I have much to offer the world, and I love to share deep ideas, but I’m uncomfortable in groups. I’d rather be home in my pajamas.”

Piccione believes there are an increasing number of introverts who want to share their big dreams and visions, yet don’t feel comfortable opening up. “My goal is to help fellow introverts live a vibrant, open life without wearing masks…and without burning out,” she says.

Rachel Astarte Piccione is trained in healing modalities that include shamanism, creative writing and flower essences. Her mind-body wellness practice, Healing Arts New York, has offices in New York City and Nyack. To register for this free webinar, visit

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