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Free Teleseminar on Emotional Eating

Healthy Mindset Coaching will host a free teleseminar at 7 p.m. EST on Wednesday, June 26. “Create Healthy Wealth” will help participants learn to release the emotional connections that keep them from transforming their mindset, body and business. During this event, attendees will discover the real “foundation” of their business or career, why we use food to cope and why it’s a problem, the top six ways emotional eating holds you back in your personal and professional life, and how changing your mindset will help you transform yourself and your business.

“You’ll also learn my five step process to creating healthy wealth and what you can start doing today to help you build a solid foundation to healthy wealth,” says Michelle Bybel, event facilitator and owner of Healthy Mindset Coaching.

“This event will be held virtually so you will be able to listen in from anywhere – your home, office, on a plane, or even at the beach,” affirms Bybel. “No worries if you are unable to attend the call live. A link to the recording will be sent within 48 hours of the event. Looking forward to having you on the call.”

Michelle Bybel is a local licensed clinical social worker and certified holistic health coach.

To register, visit For more information, visit or call 888- 570-5751.

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