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Free Preventive Care for Cancer

Affordable insurance, time, language, fear, transportation—these are a few of the barriers in pursuing preventative health care. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here and although information is everywhere, many women and men are not receiving the screening necessary for preventative care. This often is because they feel that screenings are not within their means, explains Cancer Service Program Orange County (CSPOC) outreach coordinator JK Gentile-Trepicone.

CSPOC provides local help for women over 40 to obtain free breast and cervical screenings and for women and men over 50 to receive free colorectal cancer screenings. In addition, Cancer Service Program Orange County provides free case management, patient navigation, connection to the Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program and the ability to serve undocumented citizens.

With the assistance of caring providers within Orange County, women and men are able to receive the support they need.

To schedule a screening, call the CSPOC at 561-8050, ext. 13.

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