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Emergency Medicine physician, Steve Piriano, MD, has a passion for wellness. “I know that so many of the disease presentations that I encounter in the emergency room are maladies that may have been prevented by healthier lifestyle choices,” he says.

Dr. Piriano believes that a healthy diet, nutritional supplementation, regular exercise as well as activities such as meditation and massage are key components to living a healthier life. “I truly have faith in the fact that focusing on a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on the health of many,” he says.

In addition to being a physician, Dr. Piriano is an independent associate of USANA, a global health and nutrition company. “I believe it is a wonderful way to help educate people as well as to introduce them to products that are science based and can be an integral part of a salubrious life.”

One aspect that Dr. Piriano is particularly excited about is USANA’s online health assessment. “It is an easy-to-use health questionnaire that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete,” he assures. “It then provides three free customized reports that describe a lifestyle plan, detail top health risk areas and provide suggestions for a personalized nutrition program.”

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