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Free Consultations for Facial Acupuncture

DJ Kim, a licensed acupuncturist based in Bardonia, is offering free facial acupuncture consultations.

According to Kim, the Facial Acupuncture Spa focuses on pain removal and cosmetic issues. “Basic pain categories are low back pain, shoulder pain, stress and insomnia,” says Kim. “Cosmetic issues include facial toning or lifting.” Facial acupuncture also can fade wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin and tackles cellulite removal on the belly, legs or under the arm.

“The treatments are pain-free,” assures Kim. “The needle penetration is not like a hypodermic needle at the hospital. The needles are hair thin. What you’ll feel is similar to a mosquito bite.”

Kim explains that the principle of acupuncture works when “energy flow chases after the blood flows of your body. According to WebMD, 'scientific research shows that acupuncture affects a variety of biological systems—releasing hormones, disabling receptors, and activating anti-inflammatory chemicals'.”

Location: 295 Rt. 304, Bardonia. For more details call 519- 5049 or visit

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