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Free Body Readings and Introduction to Core Energetics

“Every body holds old trauma,” shares Core Energetics practitioner Diana Buonocore. “Body readings are an integral part of how I help my clients. Our bodies hold vital information about what is blocking us in our life and also where our strengths lie. Body readings allow me to look at the body and read where the trauma lies. By releasing the trauma, which can be perceived or real, physical, emotional and or psychological, we can get past whatever is holding us back.”

Diana Buonocore is a student of Core Energetic and a life coach. She has over 15 years’ experience working with mothers and their families. Her passion is to help women find a balance between motherhood and their own passions, enabling them to nurture their souls as well as their families. She lives in Rockland County with her husband, Ernie, and their four beautiful children.

Buonocore is offering free body readings to all new clients. She adds, “Please let me know if I can be of service in any way.”

Location: 2 Strawtown Rd., West Nyack. Diana Buonocore can be reached at 521-0030 or

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