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Finding the Creative Mama Within by Melissa McHugh

The excitement, anxiety and wonder that students feel as they begin a new school year marks an important time for growth and discovery for both children and their parents and caregivers as well. As the busy days of summer give way to routine, and parents and caregivers seek out activities and creative endeavors for their children, they also should be doing the same for themselves. Use some of those quiet moments when the kids are in school for self-reflection of your personal goals and creative pursuits.

As the days grow cooler, be inspired by the new colors and changes in nature. There are so many ways to bring the magic of the season to our own worlds through creative projects and interests, both new and re-discovered. Here are some suggestions:

Develop a daily routine. Make time to do something for you. It does not have to be a long block of time…perhaps it is only five minutes a day but stick to it. When we schedule something, it says it is important and it matters. Scheduling time for creativity, helps bring depth and fulfillment to the rest of our world. Fill your creative well.

Find a specific project or creative goal. Sometimes when the time is there, the “what do I do now?” fear comes into play. Some ways to find a creative passion may be through journaling, meditative walks using all senses to explore the world or even browsing an interests section in a bookstore to see what jumps out at you.

Schedule social hours. Involve another person or group of people in your project. Let your enthusiasm and their excitement for you help motivate you even further.

Most importantly, as you go on this creative journey, have fun. Enjoy the process and allow for changes, setbacks, and new discoveries along the way. You will be amazed how creative and dynamic you can be.

Melissa McHugh, founder of Arts and Souls Creativity Coaching, is a mom, early childhood educator, actress, and Kaizen Muse Creativity life coach and group facilitator. McHugh offers workshops and one-on-one sessions in the Hudson Valley and New York City area with a special interest in supporting women in finding their creative passions. She can be reached at 662-6661 or

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