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Finding Peace and Joy with Yoga by Paula Heitzner

Throughout time, life as we know it has continued to evolve as advances such as the wheel, the steam engine and air travel, came about. More recently, the internet and electronics are influencing our daily lives. These developments were intended to bring more ease and enjoyment to all lives and to expand the borders of all phases of meaningful living. However, in many ways they may have missed their mark and as a society we are busier than ever, enjoying ourselves less, assaulted by visual and audio stimulation and always running the race against time. These so-called advances are being rivaled by the influences of the ancient practice of yoga.

So many parts of society also are being impacted by the study of yoga, with increasing interest and influence. Yoga, which medical science has shown to be a resource for wellness, is being introduced into inner cities and at-risk schools resulting in great improvements in concentration and scholarship. Shelters, jails and correctional facilities are visited by teachers trained to bring the benefits of yoga to this population. Many in the senior sector are happily doing chair and restorative yoga to strengthen their bodies and breathing capacities and improve their balance. This fulfills one of the precepts of yoga of being a conduit for increased physical, mental and emotional health.

The spiritual path inherent in a yoga practice opens a new doorway that appears when the benefits of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the participant are sorted out and strengthened. This leads one to greater clarity, compassion and caring provoking peace, joy and health and makes life an exciting adventure.

Paula Heitzner is the founder of the Nyack Yoga Center, located at the New Age Center at 1 South Broadway in Nyack. Heitzner, Robin Laufer and Jeannie DeMarco all teach classes at the New Age Center that ground, center and align with bringing about the highest good for their students. For more information, contact 356-5613 or visit

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