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Feel Better with Therapeutic Massage

Jen Servidio, licensed massage therapist, nationally certified massage therapist and owner of Feel Better Bodyworks, invites all to experience therapeutic massage. With over eight years of experience in the massage therapy field, Servidio has helped countless people manage their chronic pain through massage therapy, assisted in healing from traumatic events such as car accidents and sports injuries, as well as provided relief from the aging process in the geriatric community.

Servidio believes that the client is ultimately in control of the session and if the client is comfortable, the outcome of the therapeutic treatment becomes much greater. “If the client can completely relax on the table, the massage work will be accepted by the body easier and the results of the session will be more beneficial to the client, says Servidio. “Receiving a therapeutic massage is very different than receiving a relaxing one. It’s important that the nervous system is engaged in the proper way.” Servidio combines all of her training into each session so that each client gets a truly customized experience based on their personal situation.

“I love to learn new modalities and techniques,” says Servidio. “Because I specialize in therapeutic massage, I’m able to use new information on a daily basis. I feel very fortunate to do the work that I do.”

Location: 217 Rt. 303 S, Valley Cottage. For more information, contact 721-9643 or or visit

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