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Experience Reiki in a Himalayan Salt Cave

Lisa LaCava, Reiki Master/Teacher and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner has been collaborating with Salt of the Earth Center for Healing in Chestnut Ridge to create an extraordinary Reiki/Himalayan salt cave experience. She is excited to announce two upcoming Reiki Circles in the cave being held from 8 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. on October 11 and 26.

“The Reiki Circles include a gentle meditation to create a relaxed feeling and approximately 60 minutes in the salt cave,” explains LaCava. “The cave has a generator that crushes Himalayan salt into micron-sized particles and disperses it throughout the salt cave air.” Each person receives 10 minutes on the Reiki table within the cave.

The evening concludes with light refreshments and a brief one-on-one conversation with LaCava to discuss the experience.

Jennifer Ricci, a recent Reiki Circle attendee, shares, “Lisa’s gentle way with the opening guided meditation put me at ease immediately. Being on the table and receiving the individual Reiki from Lisa was a remarkable experience, as it gave me a wonderful insight to her highly intuitive nature, and gave a true taste of her exceptional ability as a healer.”

In her private practice, LaCava provides a unique healing experience utilizing a combination of Reiki, IET, crystals and intuitive healing.

Parties of 6 or more can arrange for a private Reiki Circle by calling Salt of the Earth directly at 290-0678.

To schedule a session, contact 914-527-9273 or or visit

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