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Experience More Love, Respect and Appreciation

Feeling known, loved and appreciated every day is how Bette and Michael Friedlander describe being “Blissfully Married.” This Nyack couple devoted the past 12 years to studying men, women and relationships, and are now helping other couples shift their relationships from “good” to “blissful” via their locally-held workshops.

As the only married pair to qualify as workshop leaders for PAX Programs, the Friedlanders were personally trained by acclaimed relationship expert Alison Armstrong. The Friedlanders then created the Blissfully Married Workshop Series out of Armstrong’s desire to bring more understanding and compassion to an audience PAX wasn’t serving.

“So much resentment and resignation grows out of misunderstanding the differences in the ways men and women behave in everyday situations. We teach men and women the keys to understanding each other’s expected behaviors, so frustration and upset disappear, replaced by increased respect and appreciation,” explains Bette.

Bette continues. “For example, Michael knows there are times when I want him to help me solve a problem and other times when I just want him to listen. He’s happy to provide both whenever I need.”

Michael claims he’s never worried about “getting in trouble” or “having to walk on eggshells,” problems commonly voiced by men of all ages. “I’m never in doubt about what makes Bette happy and I’m always eager to provide it,” Michael concludes, “and that makes living with Bette a total joy.”

To attend a free, three-hour workshop, call Bette at 347-850- 7750 or visit The next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 15. S

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