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Experience Energy In Harmony

“It is my passion to assist people in their healing by conveying the divine energy to them, whether it is individually or in their home or place of work,” shares Joan Snow, owner of Swept by Angels and a minister of the Universal Life Church. “It is about giving you a revitalized new beginning as you journey through life.”

Snow offers intuitive healing, crystal Reiki and house clearings and blessings. Intuitive healing she explains, is a transforming process of working with the divine realms on the sources of imbalance within the physical body and related areas where we hold our emotions. It dispels the negative energies from within, thus creating a renewed flow of energy and a resolution to the obstacles and imbalances in our physical experiences. Crystal Reiki combines the spiritual Reiki energy and certain crystals with specific attributes and healing qualities to heal and bring balance.

House clearing and blessings are a spiritual cleansing of the space within a home, office, building and property that has become imbalanced due to life experiences (such as addiction, divorce, illness or the passing of a loved one, etc.). “We each leave an imprint of our energy within our homes and workplaces. Space clearing releases, purifies, elevates and protects the space,” explains Snow. Using divine energies that are full of pure love, joy and peace grant the harmonious energy shift that vibrantly improves the feeling and energy of the residence, office, building and property.

Joan Snow can be reached at or 641-1579 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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