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Event Spotlight: Weekend Retreat for Spiritual Renewal

“Who doesn’t love shivassinah pose, that delicious letting go after a satisfying yoga class? When, after moving and stretching, you can just relax and sink into a state of bliss and tranquility? What if you could experience an entire weekend like that, body, mind and soul? Welcome to the Shabassanah Retreat,” invites Bracha Meshchaninov.

Shabassanah is a combination of Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest, and Shivassanah, the resting pose in yoga. Jewish yoga teacher and yoga therapist Bracha Meshchaninov has combined the two, offering a unique opportunity for Jewish women of all kinds to come together and experience the benefits of a yoga retreat within the healing spiritual embrace of a traditional Shabbat experience.

The retreat will be held in conjunction with The Shabbos Project, October 27 – 29, a world-wide initiative to invite Jews across the observance spectrum to reconnect with Shabbos. Shabbos is from sundown on Friday evening until the stars come out on Saturday evening; it is an oasis in time in which no creative ‘work’ is done. It is a time to connect with oneself and one’s soul. In our overly digitized world, Shabbos is a time to unplug and disconnect not only from our phones, computers and driving, but also from the sense that one needs to be constantly accomplishing and being busy with tasks on the never ending ‘to do list’.

Like Shivassanah, Shabbos is a time to just be and create space for quiet meditation and contemplative prayer. It also is a time to engage in meaningful conversation, enjoy delicious meals and connect with others.

The retreat includes yoga, Torah insights and classes to help make your experience unforgettable. There will be post Shabbat activities on Saturday night and an enlightening yoga workshop on Sunday morning, which also is open to non-retreat participants.

“The women’s retreat was magical for me,” shares one attendee. “I felt free and unburdened, having the opportunity to leave my busy and sometimes overwhelming life behind for two days. I am an active Reform Jew and I cannot wait for the next Shabassanah retreat.”

For more information or to sign up for the retreat or Jewish spirituality or yoga classes, visit or call 917-821-0694.

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