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Essential Oils and Massage Therapy by Nellie Grossenbacher

Today we hear so much about the benefits of essential oils. What are these oils and what can they do for our health?

Essential oils come from aromatic plants via the process of distillation. They are found throughout different parts of the plant: seed, flowers, fruit, stems, roots, bark, wood, needles and resins. Oils are broken down into three categories each with their own effects:

1. Top Notes are light, fresh and airy while adding brightness and uplifting energy.

2. Middle Notes are harmonizing and help balance the physical and energetic body.

3. Base Notes are intense while providing grounding and calming factors.

Essential oils promote health, wellbeing and hygiene and are renowned for their immune support qualities along with the ability to aid in balancing emotions. Essential oils are quite potent in their concentrated form so they shouldn’t be applied directly to one’s skin. Instead, a carrier source should be used. Examples of carriers include mixing with salts for baths, diluting in water for steam vapor or compress or adding to lotions or oils for massage. The essential oils chosen, as well as the proper delivery method, will provide the most optimal and beneficial outcome.

Incorporating Essential Oils with Massage Therapy

Essential oils and massage are complementary therapies and when used in tandem can provide outstanding benefits. Massage therapy can help with stress, anxiety and depression, along with relieving muscle pain and soreness. When used during a massage, essential oils are able to penetrate the skin quickly during the muscle manipulation. Both the fragrance as well as the absorption provide the desired effects during the massage and the health benefits continue long after the session has ended.

A quick, verbal assessment with a massage therapist certified in essential oil use will help you choose the right oils to blend for optimal massage treatment.

Here are some simple ingredients you can combine yourself.

Finding Motivation Massage Blend

2 oz jojoba oil

5 drops ginger

5 drops coriander

2 drops blue tansy

8 drops cypress

Calm Down Inhaler (used in an aroma stick)

9 drops lemon

6 drops rosemary

2 drops Siberian fir

Nellie Grossenbacher is a mother of five, the founder of the popular Facebook page “Pearl River Parents at Play,” a licensed massage therapist with a studio in Pearl River and a certified essential oils practitioner. She practices deep therapeutic massage while incorporating essential oils into her sessions. She also sells her custom essential oils including an all-natural home cleaning agent and an allnatural bug spray. Call 201-523-3907 to schedule an appointment. Gift certificates are available. First time clients save 20 percent on any massage treatment. For more information, visit

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