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EFT/Tapping Coach Releases New Self-Help Books

EFT practitioner Jill Greenbaum is delighted to share her two newest books, Tapping for Parents of Teens and Tapping for Teens. These works complement her 2012 title, How to Major in You and Find the Right College.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the most recent addition to her ongoing exploration of wellness resources. “I was drawn to EFT/tapping because it is designed to provide tools for navigating past many of the turbulent waters in our lives, such as lacking confidence about a new experience, feeling upset about relationships, or harboring difficult memories that block us from creating the lives we want,” she explains. “Tapping is intended as a restorative method that is designed to tune you into your body’s energy meridians, or channels, in order to decrease the intensity of symptoms related to challenging situations. It can gently relieve emotional and physical side effects of anxious feelings, worries and troubling memories.”

As a coach and EFT practitioner, Greenbaum specializes in working with parents and young adults. She can help address issues related to parenting and becoming empty-nesters, in addition to social, emotional and academic challenges in school; and key life transitions, like leaving home for the first time or adjusting to life on a college campus. As a result of coaching, and often using tapping, her clients feel more relaxed, empowered, and at ease.

Greenbaum offers complimentary 20 minute introductory sessions to determine whether one’s goals are within the scope of her practice. She is available as a coach to guide individuals and groups through a simple, yet effective, path that can lead to transformation.

Jill Greenbaum, EdD, can be reached at 201-294-1828 or Learn more about her work at

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