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Earthing Program Accepting Applicants

Alan Levin, owner of Sacred River Healing, is now taking registrations for the third year-long “Earthing: Spiritual Practices for Life on Earth” program. “I use the word Earthing to describe the action of bringing the joy, strength and peace of your essential nature into your body, your mind and your relationships— experiencing the light of your spirit in your life on Earth,” says Levin.

The teachings integrate three primary lineages of spiritual practice: mindfulness meditation, transformational light-fire yoga and shamanism. “Each is a rich, complex and complete system in itself. Yet each of these threads has a different emphasis that deepens our ability to benefit from the others,” explains Levin. “Together, they weave a path for life on Earth at this time.”

At the heart of all spiritual practices are the questions: Who am I? What am I doing here? Who are my relations? “Earthing responds to these questions with methods for opening to your essential nature, attuning to your soul’s calling and cultivating compassionate and respectful relationships with all beings,” says Levin. The meditative, yogic and shamanistic practices are experienced in weekly meetings, four full-day retreats, individual consultations and ongoing web-based dialogue.

Levin has been studying and teaching approaches to spiritual development for over 40 years. He is a licensed psychotherapist and activist for peace, social and environmental justice.

“Choosing to be part of this group is a major commitment,” adds Levin. “I encourage those interested to meet with me for an interview (no charge) to assess whether this meets your needs.”

For more details visit or call 271- 3623.

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