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Earth Citizens Organization’s 7th Annual Earth Citizen Peace Festival

ICARE 2020. This is Earth Citizens Organization’s (E.C.O.) vision—to create leaders who acknowledge the Earth as the central value, who practice mindful living with less for a sustainable world and who seek growth not in material expansion, but in the realization or our inner true value.

E.C.O. was created by IlChi Lee who is a NY Times bestselling author and a pioneer and leader in brain education. His vision is building an extensive network of one million leaders and 100 million earth citizens (1% of the world population) by 2020 as the foundation and driving force for global collaboration to change the world and save the Earth. E.C.O. offers leaderships programs that focus on Earth management and sustainability. They support local outreach activities that incorporate exercise, breathing and meditation, sustainable living and have also created global wellness programs.

In support of E.C.O., a non-profit organization, New City and Stony Point Body and Brain Yoga and Tai Chi centers are hosting the 7th Annual Earth Citizen Peace Festival and Walk on Earth Day on April 22 at Haverstraw Bay Park, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. “We look forward to seeing you there,” invites Felicia Somma.

Location: Haverstraw Bay Park. For more information about the event and sponsorship, contact Felicia Somma at Stony Point Body and Brain Yoga and Tai Chi at 270-9520. For more information about ECO and ICARE2020 visit and

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